Running Roadblocks


As mentioned previously, my goals for 2015 include two major milestones in my life; completing my first half and full marathon.

I am excited to undergo this process of making my body stronger while developing more stamina and endurance.  My primary concern is being able to raise enough donations to participate.

Entry into both is based on previous qualifying times, completing a certain amount of races prior to Dec 31st or running for charity.

I would have gladly run the required races in advance but my love of running and confidence in my abilities developed organically.

I didn’t have a plan of action when I laced up this summer and started hitting the pavement on a regular basis.  I just fell in love with how doing so made me feel.  It has been a life changing experience.  This prompted my desire to complete my first marathon.

I have increased my training days and distance accordingly.  I’ll continue doing so throughout the winter and I will be more than ready for the half.  During my long runs, I’m already averaging 10 miles on the road.

In the spring/summer, I plan to increase to 15-18 mile runs once a week. Then I’ll gradually add more miles until I am able to do a pre-marathon run.

In the meantime, I will continue seeking donations and training hard. Ultimately, I know a way will be made and my proverbial road unblocked.


13.1 Reasons to Run the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half with TFK

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