13.1 Reasons to Run the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half with TFK

I’m super excited to be running in the United Airlines NYC Half to raise funds for Team for Kids. In addition to it being such a great cause, runners are provided with a lot of resources and support. Continue reading to learn more:

Team for Kids

1) Take your running to the next level.
Whether you are thinking about taking those first steps to becoming a runner or have run 5Ks and 10Ks, running a half marathon gives you instant bragging rights and elevates you to a new echelon of runner fitness. If you’re an experienced runner, take your running to the next level by going for a PR and adding another medal to your collection!

2) Three months of training versus five.
The TFK United Airlines NYC Half training program is just 2.5 months, unlike the five months it takes to train for a marathon.  The training is challenging, but you still have a life!  Training starts Saturday, January 10.

3) Fill up those long winter weekends.
What better way to stay motivated throughout the winter than have a goal. A healthy one at that!  Your Saturdays will fly by when you start them off…

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