My Active Meditation


Read this today and couldn’t have agreed more.  As a single mom, I often run on limited sleep.  Whether I’ve had a stressful day at work or am dealing with family drama, I’ve ran through it all.  And at the end of each, I am thankful I did.

While running doesn’t solve all of life’s issues and challenges, it is very cathartic. It is a form of active meditation. I can view things more objectively and with greater clarity during my runs. I can clear my thoughts and simply focus on my surroundings. I can release frustration and muster up the courage to conquer my fears. It gives my often hectic life balance.

All of my runs are worthwhile. Each of them enables me to grow stronger physically and to challenge myself mentally. Regardless of what transpired prior to, each becomes the highlight of my day. No matter the circumstance or issue I’m facing, I am always restored after a run.


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